Saturday, September 18, 2010

Green dress - $5

This dress is stretch polyester which i have come to learn is not the easy to sew, but! after working magic with the iron i did it!
I shortened the sleeves and bottom both at about 5" with an invisible hem

for the top i use some embroidery thread scrapes i had and made a random crisscross pattern

I love how the top turned out!
And the finished dress! i may take the hem down a tad to help with the proportion since it looks like the top and bottom half are the same length haha! anyways, comments welcome! i plan on wearing it with some brown cowboy boots!

Friday, September 17, 2010

The blue dress - $5

The dress:

First thing first....I ripped them shoulder pads out!!!! I hemmed it about 21cm (not too scandalous! haha)
It had a button....which i actually like.... but it didn't work with the design i was going for, but I'm sure ill use it along the way

I had these buttons with little rhinestones that i thought we're perfect for the military/80's look i was going for.

And the finished dress! please excuse the wrinkles!
Let me know what you think! or if you have any ideas for shoe styles that would compliment it!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

first dress!

Well first i bought these doilies with no idea of how i would use them, haha!
I bought them off etsy from a wonderful girl from Australia @ freshvintagecrafts

Later on I found this dress/jumper, haha it looked like something a 1990's school teacher would wear....maybe with a turtle neck haha! (excuse the pins where i marked the hem)

I hemmed it quite alot since it was down to my ankles and sewed the doilies on in a ramdom pattern, and here is the final result:

It may be a bit short (so my dad says) but it makes a wonderful summer dress!


I'm starting this blog as a personal record of my thrift store redesigns. If anyone out there is interested or inspired then that is a bonus! What I plan on doing is scanning thrift stores for clothing (or objects) with hidden potential and redoing them to either modernize or completely alter to fit my style. Let's see what happens!